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P Type (PT/Ta/Si) 4-Inch Silicon Wafer

01 Jun 2023

 Silicon Wafer 4″ P Type 
Semiconductor memory chips are manufactured in cleanroom environments because the circuitry is so small even tiny bits of dust can damage it. Class 1 and class 10 cleanrooms are typical. In a class 1 clean room, there is no more than 1 particle of dust in a cubic foot of air. In comparison, a clean, modern hospital has about 10,000 dust particles per cubic foot. The air inside a cleanroom is filtered and recirculated continuously, and employees wear special clothing such as dust-free gowns, caps, and masks to help keep the air particle-free. which accepts Phosphorus Doped Silicon Wafer from the factory materials handling system, aligns them for processing in the etch machine, and moves them into the main part of machine.

Product Name Silicon Wafer P Type (Pt/Ta/Si)
Product Code NS6130-10-1152
CAS 7440-56-4
Diameter (mm) 4" (101.6mm)
Type P Type
Doping (Pt/Ta/Si)
Crystal Orientation <100>
Surface Single Side Polished
Thickness 275 μm
Resistivity 1-10ohm-cm
Quantity 25 Wafers
RRG (%) ≤12
Oxygen Contents (ppma) 12.5-16.5
Carbon Contents (ppma) ≤1

According your require, we can produce customized silicon wafers, no matter what diameter,
thickness or type. We expect to service you.

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