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Laser Beam Profilers dominate online highspeed power monitoring for Industrial Applications

10 Mar 2023

German manufacturer Cinogy have been partnering Photon Lines Ltd for over a decade, and during that time the business for online automated testing has continued to grow. Cinogy’s high performance cameras and advanced software allows for real-time monitoring at high frame rates and dynamic range.

Of particular interest to major manufacturers and laboratory researchers alike are the compact Cincam CMOS series, which, whilst being extremely compact and cost effective, they are also optimized to provide excellent sensitivity. Their Megapixel CMOS sensors provide accurate laser beam analysis at up to 30fps, whilst the lightweight and ultra-compact design enables easy adaptation to standard optical imaging systems and opto-mechanical components, ensuring the highest flexibility.

Cinogy’s family of sensors includes CMOS, CCD and InGaAs, covering a wavelength range from 400nm to 1800nm, and the RayCi laser beam profiling software has been specifically designed to utilize newly developed correction algorithms and incomparable visualization modes. This ensures the highest accuracy in beam profile analysis according to ISO standards. Amongst the many advantages over other laser beam profilers on the market are the following:

- Available as 32 Bit / 64 Bit version

- Multiple beam profilers support (up to 8 beam profiler on one PC as standard, 16 camera for some custom applications)

- ‘CinCal’ algorithm for highest measurement accuracy

- Pixel correction technology

- Calibration and correction tool: Background / Baseline / Flat Field / Power

- Real-time beam parameter and beam pointing control

- Real-time beam width and statistics determination

- Automatic tool for fast and reliable beam quality M² / divergence measurements

Many leading laser manufacturers and industrial laser system companies have adopted Cinogy as their field and factory test kit supplier, knowing that the support they will receive is second to none. CINOGY Technologies takes the time to find out what customers require, and constantly searches for the best solution and services that meet those requirements. Based on many years of experience, they benefit from a profound know-how, to fulfil almost every beam profiling requirement from the UV to IR wavelength range. The enhancement of product quality, process reliability and efficiency are just a few of the many benefits of their unique laser beam profiling systems.

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About Photon Lines Ltd: Photon Lines is a value-added distributor of photonics equipment, including a wide range of scientific lasers, scientific cameras and sophisticated optical components. We have been serving the UK and Ireland in industry, academia, and research organisations for 20 years, having spun out from our French parent company, with headquarters in Rennes, Brittany.

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