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Highest Efficiency in UVC Disinfection - Germicidal LEDs at 265-270nm

09 Mar 2023

The US manufacturer Bolb Inc has developed an LED for the first time that delivers an output power of 100mW at a UVC wavelength of 265nm.  This means that the UVC LEDs distributed by LASER COMPONENTS now cover exactly those wavelengths at which the best possible disinfection results can be achieved.  At an output power of 100mW (265nm), 110mW (270nm), and 120mW (275nm) per chip, they are currently the most powerful options available on the market.

LEDs are increasingly replacing mercury vapour lamps in disinfection applications.  They have a much wider range of applications than conventional technology.  While the lamps only develop their disinfecting effect in a very narrow wavelength range, UVC LEDs cover a broader spectrum.  Added to this is the form factor:  even larger LED arrays are often more space-saving and easier to install than lamps.

Accordingly, applications for UVC LEDs are currently among the most innovative and fastest-growing future markets.

Further information UVC LEDs - UV LEDs (lasercomponents.com)

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