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Product Announcement

Thermopile Detectors

02 Mar 2023

LASER COMPONENTS is pleased to represent Dexter Research Center who are a leader in the manufacture of stable, high quality, high output radiation sensing thermopile detectors with a linear dynamic range from the UV to long wave IR.  Thermopile detectors are passive radiation sensing voltage-generating devices that require no bias or cooling and do not emit any radiation.

Spectral sensitivity is defined by the selection of optical band-pass filters, with dozens of options available.  Thermopile output is generally in the micro-Volt to milli-Volt range depending on target size, temperature, and radiance.

Thermopile detectors generate no 1/ƒ or microphonic noise, but only the Johnson noise of their resistance.  Additionally, thermopile detectors provide a stable output for DC radiation up to a frequency limited by the time constant.  Unlike pyroelectric detectors, no chopper or modulation is required.  Applications are broad and include the following: 

  • hand-held non-contact temperature measurements
  • non-contact temperature measurements in industrial applications and process control
  • infrared radiometry
  • automotive exhaust gas analysis of CO, CO2, & HC
  • medical gas analysis including anaesthetic, incubator CO and CO2, blood alcohol breathalysers
  • fire detection
  • blood glucose monitoring
  • human presence and detection
  • custom sub-assemblies including mechanics and PCB’s

Further information Miniature Thermopiles - Thermopiles (lasercomponents.com)

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