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High-Efficiency Dual-Junction Laser Source

07 Feb 2023

Cost-Effective Automotive-Grade VCSEL Diode

The VD-0940V-015M-xx-2B0 VCSEL diode distributed by LASER COMPONENTS uses a dual-junction design to convert an operating current of only 8mA into an output power of 15mW. This corresponds to a conversion efficiency of 52%. The round beam typical of VCSEL technology has a divergence of only 25°, allowing the laser light to be coupled into fibres with virtually no loss.

The operating temperature of this cost-effective laser source ranges from -40° to 85°C, and it also meets all other requirements for use in automotive technology. There, VCSEL lasers are used as light sources for various assistance systems (e.g., in facial recognition and gesture control in vehicles).

Dual-junction diodes use not one, but two stacked p-n junctions connected by a tunnel junction. In VCSEL lasers, this increases conversion efficiency: less operating current is needed to achieve the desired laser output. This makes it possible to design smaller and faster components.

For further information High Power VCSEL - VCSEL (lasercomponents.com)

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