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Near-Infra-Red NIR-MPZ-LN-20 Phase Modulator offers unique performance for high power fiber laser.

19 Jul 2023

This modulator offers unique performance and outperforms all other modulation solutions available on the market:

  • As other modulators operating in the Near-Infra-Red are limited to several tens of mW to avoid the refractive index effect (which should not be confused with the maximum optical power damage of 100 mW), the Exail modulator NIR-MPZ-LN-20 can handle up to 300 mW. Due to its unique optical LiNbO3 wafer structure and the optical waveguide built using the Annealed Proton Exchange process, it provides exceptional Insertion Stability, guaranteed up to 300 mW.
  • Insensitivity to operating temperature: This phase modulator, NIR-MPZ-LN-20, is primarily designed for High Power Fiber Lasers and Directed Energy Lasers applications. It is implemented to suppress Brillouin backscattering into the fiber amplifier. Since the modulator can operate outdoors, it must be insensitive to temperature variations. Exail demonstrates that the Insertion loss stability is guaranteed over a full and wide temperature range from -40 °C to 80 °C.
  • Electro-optics parameters efficiency: This modulator is based on a new Z-Cut crystal orientation, which provides a very low Vpi and a large bandwidth of up to 40 GHz. The typical bandwidth, measured between the -3 dB low and high cut-off frequencies, exceeds 20 GHz. Additionally, due to its very low transmission S21 curve slope, the modulator's operating frequency bandwidth extends to over 30 GHz while maintaining a very low Vpi.
  • Optics parameters efficiency. Because this modulator is produced with APE process, it has by nature an excellent PER (only one state of polarization propagates through the optical waveguide, typical waveguide PER is 60 dB). There is indeed no possible crosstalk between the states of polarization TE and TM (only TM can propagate) involving modulation phase noise. Furthermore, because of the Z-cut crystal orientation, the NIR-MPZ-LN-20 has by construction very low insertion loss.
  • European and independent supplier.
  • Future option will come for this new modulator such as High PER optical connectors (assuming PER > 25 dB when the modulator is optically connectorized), very low insertion loss device with a typical value of 2 dB.

This Modulator, NIR-MPZ-LN-20, is the most advanced large bandwidth Near-Infra-Red phase modulator available in the market. Leveraging over 20 years of pioneering research and development in APE management and NIR optical waveguide manufacture, this modulator seamlessly integrates Exail's latest know-how, setting a new standard in performance and innovation.

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