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Polarising Beam Splitter Cubes

02 Feb 2023

LASER COMPONENTS offers polarising beam splitter cubes to generate s-pol and p-pol output beams from an unpolarised input.  Narrowband polarising beam splitter cubes are the most common solution for polarisation separation.  They offer low cost and high extinction ratios, optimised for a single wavelength and suitable for relatively high-power levels.  Higher power handling options are also available, which are optically contacted, unlike the lower cost cemented cubes.  High power cubes offer a LIDT similar to that of a thin film polariser.

Finally, broad band beam splitter cubes are available for separating S-pol and P-pol for larger bandwidths.  A number of standard wavelength ranges are available from 440nm to 1600nm.  All beam splitter cubes are offered from 10.0mm to 50.8mm, with custom sizing possible upon request. 

For further information Polarizing Beam Splitter Cubes - High Power Polarisers (lasercomponents.com)

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