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FLEX-GUARD® Laser Safety Curtains

26 Jan 2023

Protection against scattered and diffuse radiation. 

FLEX-GUARD® Curtains provide protection against scattered and diffuse radiation between 190 and 11,000nm.  Almost any configuration can be made possible using a variety of connectors, rollers and curves.  These can be made to custom fit your environment and workplace.  The material is chemical resistant, non-fraying and flame retardant.  It is supplied with lock stitches to ensure durability.  The steel track system can be straight or curved and can be provided with end stops.  The FLEX-GUARD® curtain is certified to CE 12254 and ANSI Z136 ratings range from 25W/cm2 to 250W/cm2.  New testing data also mean that the curtains have the following protection levels:

425W/cm2 (Ø1mm 1/e @1070nm)

207W/cm² (Ø3mm 1/e @1070nm)

120W/cm² (Ø1mm 1/e @1070nm)

80W/cm² (Ø3mm 1/e @1064nm)

38W/cm² (Ø3mm 1/e @1064nm)

The curtains can be provided with different colours such as black, blue and white and with a variety of different curtain breaks such as magnet Velcro or zippered.  All design can be accommodated and customised to the customers own requirements and configurations. 

Additional information can be provided as well as the test certificates.  If you are planning on using lasers and require a laser safety curtain, then the FLEX-GUARD® solution could be the best option for your application.  

Further information Passive Laser Safety Curtains - Large Area Laser Protection (lasercomponents.com)

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