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Laser-pumped White Light Source

24 Nov 2022

The LS-WL1 provides high luminance output that enables long throw distances, narrow beam angles and small optic sizes for speciality lighting applications.  The white light laser module allows precise, high-contrast illumination even in areas that are difficult to access. This opens new possibilities in endoscopy, surgical headlamps, biomedical applications and 3D image processing.

It can provide 100 times the intensity of a white light LED, with typical fibre output being >500mW (1mm fibre).  This is achieved using two GaN laser diodes that are focussed on a ceramic phosphor converter which generates an extremely bright fluorescent point light source with a diameter of less than 300µm.  Its luminance exceeds the luminance provided by plasma light sources and other white broadband LED light sources. 

The light is coupled into a multimode fibre with a core diameter between 50µm and 1mm.  This provides the user with a flexible point light source with ultra-high luminance.  The light from the LS-WL1 can be switched on and off quickly.  In addition to this it has an inbuilt thermal management system with 2 miniature fans and a temperature sensor to provide overheating protection. 

The LS-WL1 can also be completely controlled using software such as LabVIEW via a Mini-USB port. 

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/fiber-coupled-white-light-module/

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