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HySpex Baldur - High Performance Hyperspectral Imagers for Industrial Applications

23 Nov 2022

The HySpex Baldur hyperspectral camera family from NEO are rugged, high performance push-broom spectral imagers optimised for industrial use in the VNIR from 400-1000nm (V-1024 N), in the SWIR from 950-1730nm (S-640i N) and in the SWIR from 960-2500nm (S-384 N). Named after the Norse God, Baldur has been designed by NEO for those who require high performance at a more accessible price point.

Baldur utilises the same robust optical system as the HySpex Classic design, but with some optimisation for process spectroscopy. To denote that the Baldur cameras have a wider PSF per pixel and band compared to the Classic cameras, NEO appends the suffix 'N' (standing for "Nyquist", named after the electronics engineer Harry Nyquist) to the model name. Each Baldur imager achieves a resolution of 2 spectral bands while capturing 4 times as much light as the classic systems. Furthermore, the spatial resolution is better than 1.7 pixels for all Baldur models, yielding very sharp images, albeit not to the extremes of the HySpex Classic and Mjolnir cameras.

Baldur Benefits

  • Flexibility: all Baldur cameras support multiple regions of interest (MOI).
  • Triggering: Baldur can be triggered internally, and all cameras support multiple external triggers.
  • Speed: the cameras operate in an "Integrate While Read" (IWR) mode. Baldur has one of the very highest data rates of any spectral imager, with the speed scaling with the number of spectral channels read out.
  • Absolute calibration: Baldur is delivered with a calibration traceable to NIST and PTB standards.
  • Repeatability: all cameras have the same center wavelengths within the same wavelength range.
  • Robust: the Baldur is based upon a well proven and robust design.
  • Light sensitivity: high speed image acquisition with a light sensitivity four times higher than the HySpex Classic.
  • SDK: all HySpex cameras (Baldur, Classic and Mjolnir) are delivered with a high-end SDK and library that makes it simple to integrate the HySpex hardware into any third-party software and hardware solution.
  • Ease of deployment: Baldur is a fully integrated hardware and software solution. 

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