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VIGO Photonics: Increasing demand for our InAs 3um

15 Nov 2022

VIGO Photonics are witnessing a recent growth in demand for our InAs Photovoltaic detectors which features a spectral range from 900nm to 3.5um. We have been proud to develop successfully such type of detector and continue to do so to respond to the increase requirements.

Our InAs detectors and modules are Cadmium and Mercury free which comply with the RoHS restriction. Consequently, these detectors can be used in the consumer market. We offer a whole variety of packaging such TO39, TO8 with our without amplification. Depending on the customer’s need we are able to provide uncooled or cooled detectors with one stage thermoelectric cooler. If necessary we can mount the TO39 package on a mini circuit board containing a transimpedance preamplifier and a temperature controller. This assembly is a result of our AMS device which is very compact and lightweight while offering low 1/f corner noise, high frequency bandwidth and high immunity to electromagnetic interference.

Our detectors in TO8 package with a two-stage thermoelectric cooler offer the highest detectivity, especially with hyper immersion lens (PVIA). They can be integrated with AIP “all-in-one” device containing transimpedance preamplifier, a fan and a thermoelectric cooler controller. 

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