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High Precision Hexapod Positioning Systems

21 Sep 2022

A new high precision hexapod positionining system dubbed the H-840.G2IHP is available from PI (Physik Instrumente). The H-840.G2IHP provides very high resolution with minimum incremental motion to 20 nanometers. Hexapod positioning systems are motorized robotic manipulators used to move and position loads in 6-DOF (X, Y, Z, Pitch, Yaw, Roll).

When controlled with a hexapod vector motion controller, precise single axis or multi-axis motions can be carried out. By using position feedback on each of the 6 actuators and a control scheme that takes the geometry and kinematics into account, hexapod positioning systems can provide higher accuracy and faster response than stacked 6-DOF stages of similar size and mass. Due to the parallel arrangement of all 6 actuators, hexapod positioning systems also provide higher stiffness and resonant frequency than conventional multi-axis stages or manipulators.  PI provides hexapods for high loads, high velocity (as used in motion simulation) and for motion stabilization.

Other hexapod precision positioning systems with higher load rating, higher speed or smaller dimensions are also available 

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