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Omega Optical - Leading The Way With Miniature filters

04 Sep 2022

The world is getting smaller and sensors are everywhere! From point-of-care diagnostics to smart watches that tell you when to get out of the sun, many of these sensors employ tiny optical systems to get the job done. Our team has been a leader in designing and manufacturing custom optical filters in volume for over 50 years. We have over 30,000 designs in our database and have shipped over 6,000,000 filters for applications ranging from flow cytometry to hyperspectral imaging, PCR to LIDAR, and semiconductor inspection.

Omega has worked with top glass-dicing companies around the country to develop a proprietary edge-treatment process that reduces chipping on the filter edges to less than 50 microns. This maximizes the available clear aperture and reduces scattering from corners. Less scattering means higher signal-to-noise for your most sensitive applications. Our PARMS hard-oxide coating systems provide the ultimate in reproducibility, process control and durability for long filter life.

Innovation. It's in our blood, and we are still leading the way every day.

Contact us today at OmegaFilters.com to leverage our extensive design and manufacturing experience before your next optical system build.

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