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Product Announcement

Greateyes launches new cooled in-vacuum camera series

04 Sep 2022

Photon Lines is pleased to announce it's partner Greateyes' new LOTTE series of EUV, VUV and X-ray cameras, covering the photon energy range 5 eV to 20 keV. 

Scientific-grade back-illuminated CCD sensors are used to detect EUV, VUV and X-ray signals. Offering a choice of sensor formats with pixel sizes from 13-26 µm, LOTTE features ultra-deep thermelectric cooling down to -100 °C and true 18-bit AD conversion for maximum dynamic range. One very important feature that differentiates LOTTE from its nearest rivals is an innovative encapsulated stainless-steel housing to guarantee an extremely low outgassing. LOTTE is compatible with ultra-high vacuum (UHV) standards. Workable pressures can be as low as 10-10 mbar. Signals can be detected at very close range in order to cover wide angles of view or far away as LOTTE can be moved freely within the vacuum chamber as desired. The special design and unprecedented performance make the LOTTE unique and an unrivalled in-vacuum CCD camera for low-light scientific research.

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