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Product Announcement

Fibre Coating Removal: End and Window Strippers

01 Aug 2022

Plasma Work Stations add a new level to stripping coatings, a unique fibre stripper/cleaner for polyimide, carbon and gold coated fibres. Ion etching removes coatings safely and cleanly from the fibre.

The Preparation Unit, FPU II, provides a noncontact and chemical free window or end face stripping of polyimide and carbon coated optical fibres. The stripped region has tapered interfaces with no charring.

The AutoStrip II is designed for fast, chemical free window stripping of optical fibres, utilising patented Burst Technology™ and equipped with a built-in, high force, fibre tensile tester, which can pull the fibre up to 235kpsi (20 N).

Compact thermal strippers are an alternative, easy-to-use fibre stripping units designed to thermo-mechanically remove coatings from optical fibres, stripping extremely difficult and baked-on coatings and in some cases can even remove fluoroacrylate undercoatings.

The use of chemicals for high strength fibre stripping is now a thing of the past!

Further information Automatic Fibre Stripper - Fibre Stripper (lasercomponents.com)

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