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NEW: Universal Multichannel Desktop Lasers for Laboratory Research - BrixXLAB by Omicron-Laser

23 Jun 2022

With the newly launched BrixXLAB, Omicron-Laser incorporates a new product line of lasers for laboratory use into the product range.

Designed for laboratory research applications, the BrixXLAB is a user-friendly tool with a touchscreen interface, language selection, individual or groupable timer functionality and individual channel adjustment for output power.

Wavelengths: Up to 4 different wavelengths in the range of 375 to 1550nm integratable (one per channel)

Output Power: up to 10W/channel

Output Channels: 1,2, 3, or 4

Fiber Types: MM (core diameter depends on wavelength/power)

Modulation: Analog and digital

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About Omicron-Laser:

Since 1989, Omicron has been developing, building and producing innovative laser systems. With a highly qualified team Omicron specialized in customized solutions for applications in the fields of medicine, research, biotechnology, such as microscopy and flow cytometry, digital imaging and optical data storage as well as quality assurance and measurement engineering. Product development and production comply with European and US guidelines. A broad band of laser sources in the range of UV VIS/IR is available to satisfy individual customer requirements. Omicron offers single light sources as well as complete system solutions. Omicron pursues the objective of being an industry leader in product development and has not only set trends in laser technology but also has drawn worldwide attention with its developments.

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