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Product Announcement

Dichroic Mirrors

12 May 2022

Dichroic mirrors are used to either combine or split two laser beams of different wavelengths.  Dichroic mirrors may be manufactured either as a short pass mirror, where the shorter wavelength is transmitted, and the longer wavelengths are reflected, or as a long pass mirror where the reverse is true.

LASER COMPONENTS produces dichroic mirrors with dielectric coatings for wavelengths from 248nm to 3000nm, and for angles of incidence of 45° and 0° as standard, with other options being available upon request.  High degrees of reflectivity and transmission are achieved, and back reflections of the transmitted wavelength are limited by a rear surface AR coating with R<0.2%.  The mirrors are suitable for high power applications using a fused silica substrate.

Further information Dichroic Mirrors - Coated Laser Optics (lasercomponents.com)

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