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AUREA Technology scale up its NIR photon detection production and global services

21 Apr 2022

AUREA TECHNOLOGY the leading manufacturing of near-infrared single-photon counting detection modules is scaling up by investing in both its production and its technical support.

Jerome Prieur, President and CEO at AUREA Technology: “We are very pleased to invest in a scalable production and customer services of the most advanced and reliable NIR single photon counting detection solution. AUREA Technology is ready to accept large volume orders, and supply the Quantum communications and Quantum sensing community in a qualitative and timely manner”

The new production facility is designed for the manufacturing of large volume and fast delivery of the complete photon counting detection portfolio, including the SPD_OEM_NIR_champion ultra-low-noise NIR single-photon counting detection module.

Moreover, AUREA Technology provides a round-the-clock and world-class technical support throughout the whole products life cycle. The well-trained technical support team provides significant diagnosis, information, and solutions for optimal customer satisfaction. For complex architectures and set-ups, the technical support escalates to an experienced scientist team, expert in Quantum communications, and Quantum sensing.

Based on a Peltier-cooled and actively quenched InGaAs single photon avalanche diode (SPAD), the SPD_OEM_NIR_champion is a high-performance photon counting detector for the 900 to 1700 nm wavelength range. It performs newly reduced ultra-low Dark Count Rate noise DCR < 700 Hz and calibrated Photon Detection Efficiency up to 30% at trigger rate up to 100 MHz with a deadtime down to 100 ns and a very low timing resolution.

The SPD_OEM_NIR_champion is a fiber-coupled dual-mode module, which operates in both gated and free-running modes. The gated mode is well suited for long-range quantum communications protocols at the 1,550 nm telecom wavelengths found in Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and Quantum Information Network (QIN), and the free-running mode is ideal for lifetime fluorescence FLIM microscopy, and high-resolution LIDAR and OTDR.

Already qualified by QKD and QIN systems manufacturers, the SPD_OEM_NIR_champion is the first worldwide smart photon detector which features systems-to-systems UART communications, and a monitoring system for easy maintenance. Well-designed, it easily fits into any 2U 19-inch universal telecom racks. The accurate and stable thermoelectric cooling systems allows room temperature operation without using any bulky and expensive cooling system.

The parameters set-ups and photon detection data transmissions are managed via its mini-USB by using a user-friendly Graphical User Interface supported by Windows, Linux or Mac Operating Systems. The newly introduced system-to-system UART link allows efficient management of the parameters, the data, and the error message directly by the systems control unit as for example FPGA or micro-controller.  DLL dynamic link libraries compatible to the most well-known programming languages Python, LabVIEW, and C++ are also available.

About AUREA Technology:

Founded in 2010, AUREA Technology is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of high-performance quantum optical modules and instruments, based on the latest photon counting detectors, entangled Photon Sources, and timing electronics. AUREA Technology works closely with large technology companies, top-notch laboratories, and high-tech start-ups to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow in Quantum Communications, and Quantum Sensing technologies.

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