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Omega Optical Leading The Way With Spectrally Complex Coatings On Fiber Tips

21 Apr 2022

Our team has been a leader in designing and manufacturing custom volume filters on flat glass for over 50 years for applications ranging from flow cytometry to hyperspectral imaging, PCR to LIDAR, and semiconductor inspection. We have recently demonstrated the same robust hard-oxide coated filter designs on the tips of optical fibers and fiber bundles. Coated fiber tip applications are diverse; single-photon counting detectors for quantum computing to multispectral scanning that uses a coated fiber tip array for fast, customized spectral detection.

Applying the filter directly to the fiber tips enables the ultimate miniaturization. Positioning bulky light sources and detectors far from the sample area allows for greater flexibility in the optical system design. These fibers can reach places that traditional systems can only dream of–inside a biopsy needle or an engine or bioreactor–the possibilities are endless!

Our coated fiber tips mean the difference between Good and Great signal-to-noise ratio in your optical system.

We support industry leaders in life science instrumentation, defense and aerospace, semiconductor inspection, with many industrial applications, including UV sterilization, environmental monitoring, and crop health.

Innovation. It's in our blood, and we are still leading the way every day.

Contact us today at OmegaFilters.com to leverage our extensive design and manufacturing experience before your next optical system build.

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