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XRE Lens: AR/VR Display Test Solution with Electronic Focus

12 Apr 2022

In extended reality (XR) devices such as VR headsets and AR smart glasses, display quality is determined by the user’s perception of the display as it is observed within the unique viewing parameters of the device. Typically, measurement equipment used to inspect display quality is designed with optical components to replicate the near-eye position of the user’s pupil and capture a wide angular field of view for evaluation. However, the diversity of XR devices (form factor, field of view, resolution, focus ranges, etc.) has posed challenging for typical measurement equipment, and has led XR manufacturers to seek expensive custom optics to measure display quality within the exact parameters of their device.

The new XRE Lens from Radiant Vision Systems is engineered to address greater diversity of XR headsets and measurement scenarios. The lens design simulates the size, position, and field of view of the human eye in the headset to measure displays as seen by the user—and offers additional advantages including electronic focus control, folded and non-folded configurations, and capabilities to enable dual-eye (stereoscopic) measurement.

Electronic focus is particularly beneficial for in-headset measurement of XR displays. More frequently, XR headsets are incorporating multiple or variable focal planes to create more realistic visualization of virtual objects near and far. Because focus settings of the XRE Lens are remotely adjusted via software, there is no need for manual intervention that may impact the test setup and result in errors. Additionally, electronic focus can be fully automated as part of a measurement sequence for efficient evaluation of the clarity of virtual images, through-focus MTF, and other visual quality tests.

Key features of the XRE Lens include:

  • In-headset display evaluation, including objective measurement of photometric values (luminance, chromaticity)
  • Electronic focus for focus setting and adjustment via software
  • Entrance pupil (aperture) in front of the lens simulates the human eye position
    • Virtual aperture is free from mechanical limitations to enable flexible positioning at various eye relief distances
  • Full angular fields of view up to ±35° (70° total)
  • Pairs with high-resolution imaging colorimeters and photometers (up to 61 megapixels)

Easy-to-use measurement control and analysis software with analyses developed for AR, VR, and MR display testing.

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