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Optical filters, thin film coatings, and holographic diffraction gratings.

28 Mar 2022

Spectrogon manufactures optical interference filters, thin film coatings, and holographic diffraction gratings. The filters are used in several applications such as medical, process industry, thermal imaging, power distribution, surveillance & defense. Spectrogon offer optical filters and windows in the range 340-14000 nm and has production capability for wafer sizes Ø6 to Ø200 mm. Bandpass, narrow bandpass, longwave-pass, shortwave-pass, broad bandpass and neutral density filters, with custom design and sizes for volume production. For the smallest prototype volumes, we offer filters from stock, please visit spectrogon.com, here you can find over nearly 1000 different filter types.

Spectrogon can manufacture and deliver either the optical filters for filter wheels or supply the complete assembled filter wheel.

Custom sizing service is available at a modest surcharge. The wafers can be diced to custom-made sizes, down to as small as 1.0×1.0 mm. Spectrogon can offer cutting and delivering on tape. Also turning down to smaller diameter is possible.

Spectrogon has invested in a new dicing precision tool, to meet the increased demand from our customers for diced filter parts. A fully automatic dual spindle dicing saw machine has been commissioned into production. More of the products we produce are manufactured on larger wafers, up to diameter 8 inch and then diced to smaller sizes.  

The gratings are used e.g. for ultra-fast pulse compression and telecom applications. In sizes from 10x15 mm up to 120x140 mm.

Spectrogon also manufactures holographic diffraction gratings for UV-NIR. For pulse compression, telecom, laser tuning, monochromators and spectroscopy. Our custom designed gratings have high efficiency, wide tuning range, high damage threshold and are optimized for specific applications. The gratings can be cut to custom made sizes from 10x15 mm up to 120x140 nm with thickness from 6.0 mm to 20.0 mm. Typical substrate materials are fused silica, zerodur and ZKN7. For prototype work and for predefined gratings, visit spectrogon.com. We list approximately 270 gratings with optical characteristics and other specifications.

Want to know more?  Click here.  Or visit the team at the Laser World of Photonics, 26-29 April, Munich.  Booth B6.514

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