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Product Announcement

Robust Spectral Software Development Kit

04 Mar 2022

OceanDirect is a powerful, cross-platform Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables users to program custom software solutions for Ocean Insight spectrometers. With OceanDirect, users can engineer and control how they apply spectral data to meet various research, product development, and industrial measurement challenges.

OceanDirect has an Application Programming Interface (API) to communicate with and control Ocean Insight spectrometers. Users can connect to spectrometers, set acquisition parameters such as integration time, and acquire spectra. By integrating OceanDirect into their own software applications, users can control spectrometers and devices, turning spectral data into the answers they need. Additional functions range from reading wavelength calibration coefficients to setting trigger modes and controlling data buffering.

The OceanDirect SDK supports Windows 10 operating systems (32-/64-bit) and works with programming languages including C, C++, C#, LabVIEW (Windows Version 8 or higher), MATLAB and Python. Product licenses are available in single and reduced-pricing multiple installation options and include one year of updates and support. Also available is a perpetual license option for OEM integrators to use with their integrated spectrometers in the field.

For additional spectral calculation and processing functions, OceanDirect can be paired with OceanMath. This family of software library products enables functions including linear regressions, axis unit transformations and blackbody spectrum management. OceanMath licenses are for a single installation and include one year of updates and support.

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