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Product Announcement

AccuCoat’s Thin Film Expertise for IR Substrates

01 Feb 2022

With the increase in IR (infrared) applications for new technology and developing safety and security worldwide, AccuCoat is fast becoming one of the go-to providers for consistently performing coatings for the field. Thermal imaging, autonomous vehicles, military and medical imaging and marine use all take advantage of this growing area.

Used in a wide variety of high-efficiency broadband, narrowband and dual-band anti-reflective applications, IR coatings specifically for Germanium (Ge), Chalcogenide, Silicon (Si), Cleartran (ZnS) and Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) can be tricky to source and develop. AccuCoat has taken the time to design and test coatings for prototyping through high-volume manufacturing.

“Our time-proven process ensures extremely high consistency from coating run to run with our robotic cleaning system and our proprietary PVD process with IAD. Our IR process allows us to offer coating wavelengths from 3 to 5 microns or 7-14 microns, with the ability to go up to the 15-micron range if needed. Combined with our advances in handling SPDT optics and our in-house custom expertise, our team can accommodate almost any IR substrate in our coaters,” states Vice President Patrick Iulianello. “This has been a focus area for us in the past several years and we expect to see the demand continue to increase in 2022.”

Frequently taking on custom coating work that has failed elsewhere, the AccuCoat team effectively problem solves and creates repeatable coating designs. They carefully manage the project through on-time shipping to complete each order. 

With over 20 years of problem-solving experience, this highly trained team is ready to alleviate your coating frustration, increase yields, and extend optic performance. 

Contact an engineer today to discuss your next IR thin-film coating project.

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