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Product Announcement

Total Station Autocollimator – Best Innovation for Optical Metrology

25 Jan 2022

Duma Optronics has launched a new Total Station Autocollimator for intricate measurements, including optics, lasers, alignment, as well as projecting virtual objects over a wide range of distances. The new Autocollimator is designed as a multi-tool device and is designed to work in multiple applications. Emerging trends characterizing the opto-electronics field will require automatic adjustment of such system as AR/VR, cameras for autonomous driving, projection screens – most of them are looking for the following automatic measurement capabilities.

  • An upgraded device based on our already mature technology for testing and adjusting fully integrated systems including mechanics, optics, and lasers.
  • Emerging optomechatronics AR/VR industry has introduced  special applications requirement:
  • Interalignment and testing of lasers, optics, mechanics and electronic sensors
  • Angular accurate optical measurements with resolution of 0.01 arc sec or better.
  • Implementing fusion of several wavelengths including NIR into one system.
  • Measurements from remote mechanical dimensions.
  • Centering & Alignment
  • Measurements of multi laser array such as VCSEL in respect with other optical sensors.
  • Duma Optronics’ Total Station Autocollimator does it all and is easily interfaced with existing factory software standards, allowing the system to follow external inputs and to meet manufacturing assembly lines requirements.

This will be the first of a new breed of instruments, offering hybrid technologies fused together to meet new industry developments.

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