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Product Announcement

HWG Fiber Cables for Mid-IR Laser beam delivery

03 Nov 2021

FlexyRay® product line from art photonics GmbH includes Hollow Silica glass WaveGuides (HWG) which provide flexible delivery of radiation in Mid IR spectral range (from 2 to 18μm) for low divergent beams. HWG cables are free from Fresnel reflection losses at their ends due to their hollow core structure.

This advantage and small Numerical Aperture (<0.1) of the output beam make HWG preferable for laser power delivery.  Standard HWG cables with core diameters span in 500-1000µm range are coated with the double polymer jacket providing high flexibility required for a broad variety of applications.

Flexible Delivery Set for Er: YAG-, CO- and CO2-laser includes adjustable focusing coupler with pilot beam channel and cooling gas inlet – to be fixed on laser head.


  • High transmittance in selected parts of 2 - 18μm range
  • No Fresnel reflection at the end faces
  • Inner diameter spans from 500 to 1000μm
  • Double polymer coating for high flexibility

Application areas:

  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Scientific
  • Military


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