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Laser Beam Couplers series 60SMF with fine threaded adjustment

08 Oct 2021

The fiber couplers series 60SMF with fine threaded adjustment screws are an improved, advanced version of the fiber couplers 60SMS. They are high precision fiber couplers optimized for high coupling efficiency, high pointing stability and long-term stability and provide efficient coupling of collimated laser radiation into single-mode and PM fiber cables.


  • All appreciated benefits of the well-established 60SMS laser beam coupler including its very high pointing stability and as well as the proven long-term stability.
  • Ceramic bearings and adjustment screws with fine thread to ensure an even more precise and easy adjustment.

The new screws type used in the 60SMF has the result that less force is necessary to adjust to a stable coupling and the necessary torque for the counter screws is reduced. This means, that during the adjustment procedure, the optimum adjustment of the coupling is achieved faster because there is less tension in the material and less embedment (stress relaxation). The fine-threaded screws also accelerate the coupling procedure because you can adjust more accurately.

It‘s compact size as well as the high-resolution alignment mechanisms allow for a straight-forward, intuitive coupling procedure. The result is a fiber coupling with high thermal stability, pointing stability, that is vibration and shock-insensitive. (Power stability better than 3% for a temperature range of 15-35°C).

The fiber coupler provides all degrees of freedom necessary. It has a TILT adjustment, an independent focus adjustment, can be rotated 360°, and allows for lateral adjustment using e.g. the adapter 60A19.5-F.

If you already have laser beam couplers of series 60SMS and want to switch to the new series 60SMF, that is no problem: the new fiber couplers are fully compatible to the old couplers series 60SMS and no other accessories or tools are necessary. The parts are 1:1 substitutable, have identical handling and an identical adjustment principle.

Just as for the well-known laser beam couplers 60SMS, the series 60SMF comes with a large variety of coupling optics to choose from, which allows that the optimum focal length and the best lens type for a single wavelength (asphere, monochromat) or a wavelength range (achromat or apochromat) can be selected for each application. All lenses are AR-coated. For an ideal Gaussian beam and standard fibers you can reach coupling efficiencies up to 80%.

The fiber coupler can be equipped with receptacles of type FC PC, FC APC, ST or LSA (compatible with fiber connectors type DIN, AVIO and AVIM). F-SMA type receptacles are available for 0° and 5° or 8°-polish e.g. for SMA-905 High Power connectors.

The 60SMF is available starting now. The new fiber coupler (laser beam coupler) series 60SMF will replace the well-known laser beam coupler series 60SMS at one point.

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