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Pump Combiners for High Power Fibre Lasers and Fibre Amplifiers

05 Oct 2021

LASER COMPONENTS supplies high power pump combiners N X 1 which are designed to combine several pump lasers to achieve higher pump powers.  In addition, we also offer high-power reverse pump combiners (N x 1) x 1 which are designed primarily to be mated with the forward optical path to form a bi-directional pump structure to achieve higher amplification efficiency and output power.

Combiners utilise air clad technology with high numerical aperture fibre for robust pump delivery with no interaction of the pumping light with the protective polymer coating.  They feature high transfer efficiency, and stable and reliable power delivery.  Examples range from 3 x 1 to 37 x 1 with custom configurations an option.  PM and active pump combiners are also available.  The active pump combiners also known as doped fibre pump combiners couple the pump power directly into a doped fibre.  This eliminates the need to splice onto the gain element and any backward signal to the pump lasers is reduced.

High power pump and signal combiners (N + 1) x 1 are available.  They can be used for high power fibre lasers and fibre amplifiers.  They combine several multimode pump lasers and couple that power with a seed signal.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/pump-combiners-for-laser-applications/

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