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IBS-coated Dispersive Mirrors for Mid-IR

29 Sep 2021

As ultrafast applications in the mid-IR spectral range are getting more and more attention, OPTOMAN has developed dispersive mirrors in this region to help you compress your pulses even further.

Broadband dispersive IBS-coated mirrors for mid-IR range can reduce, or even completely eliminate, the need to use combinations of various materials (Si, Ge, GaAs, sapphire, YAG) to compensate dispersion and make shorter pulse durations and higher peak intensities possible.

Ion-Beam-Sputtering for Mid-IR

Learn more about dispersive mirrors being manufactured by OPTOMAN in our whitepaper. The produced mirror exhibits average refectance of R>98% over the 2150-3700 nm wavelength range and 0-25° angle of incidence for p polarization. As targeted in the problem description, the key feature of this mirror is its GDD value that is gradually increasing from -300 fs² at 2150 nm to 300 fs² at 3750 nm.

About us

OPTOMAN manufactures application-optimized and customized IBS-coated laser components in 200 - 6000 nm range and is one of the first companies worldwide to offer dispersive and broadband low GDD mirrors made for 2 - 6 µm with IBS technology.

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