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New 61-Megapixel Imaging Colorimeter for Light and Display Measurement

09 Sep 2021

For over 25 years, ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters & Photometers from Radiant Vision Systems have provided industry-leading imaging performance for test & measurement of light-emitting components.

Now available in resolutions up to 61 megapixels, the new ProMetric® I61 Imaging Colorimeter captures millions more data points per measurement, maximizing precision while increasing measurement accuracy (up to 76 dB dynamic range) and speed (as fast as 0.5 sec per photopic measurement).

ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeters are applied for visual inspection of light-emitting components in labs and production lines. Each ProMetric I system has an internal tristimulus color filter system that ensures color measurement accuracy with the closest spectral sensitivity to standard CIE color-matching functions, describing light perception of a standard human observer. Utilizing this color filter method, the imaging colorimeter can leverage the full resolution of its internal sensor for imaging, capturing three (or more) full-resolution images for each color channel and combining these into a single, full-color image without data loss. This ensures both the highest resolution and highest accuracy for measurements of light emitting components, enabling measurement of smaller constituent elements across larger fields of view (for instance, millions of pixels in a display, or multiple backlit features on a large instrument panel).

In a single measurement image, the ProMetric I captures a complete view of the device under test, applying several measurement and analysis functions to evaluate all critical visual properties of the device. Output measurement values include luminance, illuminance, CIE chromaticity (xy, u’v’), L*a*b* color scale, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), and dominant wavelength.

Visual inspection is also possible, including evaluation of mura and defects in displays—or position, rotation, size, distortion, ghosting, and other factors (common in backlit components as well as projection displays like augmented reality, virtual reality, and head-up displays).

Radiant’s latest imaging colorimeters leverage the proven imaging performance of the ProMetric® suite and feature:

  • A range of sensor resolutions: 2, 8, 16, 29, and 61 megapixels
    • New ProMetric I61 measures up to 61 million data points in a single image.
  • High-speed measurement for in-line inspection.
  • New ProMetric I61 shortens cycle times per device (as fast as 0.5 sec) while acquiring as much as 2X the data of current systems.
  • Tristimulus color filters with a close spectral response match with CIE color-matching functions out of the box, simulating human visual perception.
  • Electronic lens control to adjust focus and aperture settings remotely and precisely from software.
  • Highly accurate measurements of luminance, chromaticity, uniformity, contrast, defects, mura, pixel-level values (displays), and more.
  • Pairs with automated visual inspection software for fully automated in-line quality control. Software features test sequencing, user-defined pass/fail parameters, API, and SDK.
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