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Fiber Coupler with super fine-focussing mechanism

31 Aug 2021

The Fiber Collimators series 60FC-SF with super-fine thread are an improved, advanced version of the series 60FC-F collimators, providing an even more precise focus setting. They can be used as collimators for laser radiation from a single-mode fiber and also as fiber couplers with high pointing stability. The easy, highly defined and improved adjustment of the focal setting ensures high coupling efficiencies even when the divergence or the wavelength of the laser source used varies.

The distance between fiber end-face and collimating optics is adjusted using a threaded ring with a super-fine thread with 0.35 mm pitch. The improved mechanics lead to an increased pointing stability and reduced backlash during the focus setting. The lens in these fiber collimators is spring-loaded. The linear bearing ensures that the lens does not rotate when adjusting the focus.

Fiber couplers of type 60FC-SF are available with several focal lengths and a variety of AR coatings with paraxial (FC-PC) or inclined coupling axis (FC-APC). They extend the wide range of fiber optic products offered by Schäfter+Kirchhoff including laser beam couplers, polarization-maintaining single-mode fibers, fiber optic beam splitters, vacuum feed-throughs or special collimators e.g. with integrated quarter wave plate or fiber collimators designed for SMA-905 high power connectors.

For more information please see: www.Sukhamburg.com

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