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UV Solutions beyond Disinfection- Expansion of the UV LED Range with Products from Photon Wave

17 Aug 2021

LASER COMPONENTS is expanding its portfolio of UV LEDs with products from the South Korean manufacturer Photon Wave. Founded in 2016, the company specialises in the production of UVB and UVC LED chips with and without SMD housings. One particular focus includes both medical applications and solutions for sterilising air, water, and surfaces.

Through collaboration with Photon Wave, LASER COMPONENTS’ product range now includes germicidal LEDs using UVC wavelengths of 255 nm, 265 nm, and 275 nm, as well as UVB wavelengths of 295 nm and 308 nm. Different chip sizes and power classes are available for each option. The maximum available power per chip is over 100 mW which is currently the highest value on the market. These high-power LEDs also only require voltages of between 5.7 V and 6.3 V for operation, making them suitable for mobile use.

UVC radiation, which mostly does not occur in nature, has a germicidal effect at wavelengths between 250 nm and 280 nm. It is therefore mainly used for sterilisation and disinfection. UVB refers to the wavelength range between 280 nm and 315 nm. Applications for these rays include horticulture and dermatology.

“We are pleased that through collaboration with Photon Wave we are now able to offer a wide range of UV wavelengths and have a strong partner for UVB LEDs at our side,” says Dr. Olga Stroh-Vasenev from LASER COMPONENTS. “Thanks to the wide variety of wavelengths and power classes, we can offer solutions for many different applications and requirements.”

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/lasers/leds-sleds/uv-leds/

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