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NIR-MPX-LN-0.1 Phase Modulator

03 Aug 2021

LASER COMPONENTS would like to introduce the NIR-MPX-LN-0.1 phase modulator along with its matching RF driver DR-VE-0.1-MO which can reach an exceptional 30dB of RAM.

We have seen an increasing demand for the NIR-MPX-LN-0.1 phase modulator for applications such as Coherent laser Beams Combining (CBC) techniques, spectrum broadening for Suppression of the Brillouin Back Scattering effect (SBS) and Pound Drever Hall (PDH).  The Residual Amplitude Modulation (RAM) is a key parameter in determining the performance of the modulation.

The NIR-MPX phase modulator comes with high PER and low IL options.  It features a high optical power (100mW) along with a low Vpi.  The NIR-MPX series use a proton exchanged based waveguide process that gives them an unparalleled stability even when operating at high optical power.

This phase modulator is available with various modulation bandwidths, from low frequency to 20GHz and above, operating in the 1000nm wavelength band.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/fiber-optical-modulators/

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