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Tested with Photon Precision - Fully Automated Measuring Station Guarantees Highest Quality

27 Jul 2021

Up to twelve COUNT® photon counters can be simultaneously tested for key parameters thanks to Swabian Instruments who has supplied LASER COMPONENTS with a fully automated measurement station. This new technology now allows for continuous process optimisation thus accelerating the quality control of COUNT® modules and improved the measurement accuracy, providing the highest confidence to customers with the lowest possible error tolerance.

The measurement station was customised to the precise needs of the Olching, Munich based company. At its heart is the Swabian Instruments’ Time Tagger Ultra, ultilising proprietary data processing architecture making this instrument particularly well suited for time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC), time interval counting, and coincidence counting. LASER COMPONENTS uses it in conjunction with ultra-short-pulsed diode lasers, high-precision reference power meters, and computer-controlled moving tables. For as many as four wavelengths (405 nm, 505 nm, 670 nm, and 804 nm), performance parameters such as jitter, dark count rate, afterpulsing, dead time, and detection efficiency are measured. COUNT® modules can be tested with and without fibre coupling. The results are digitally logged and used for statistical process control such as trend analysis, to further enhance process improvements.

“Through the close cooperation with Swabian Instruments, we obtained a measuring station that is optimally adapted to our processes,” explains Dr. Lars Mechold, technical director at LASER COMPONENTS. “This not only allowed us to further improve the quality control of our products. The optimised manufacturing process means shorter delivery times and better availability for our customers.”

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/photon-counter/single-photon-counting-modules/

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