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Your trusted manufacturer for 2µm Specialty Fibers & FBGs based components

17 Jun 2021

If you are developing fiber lasers in the 2µm range, browse iXblue Photonics portfolio to find solution!

Mastering the entire manufacturing process of specialty fiber, from preform glass deposition to fiber drawing, iXblue Photonics has developed in the last 15 years the most complete and large portfolio of Specialty fibers based on Thulium, Holmium and co-doped Thulium/Holmium. From single clad to triple clad, 4 to 25 µm core, iXblue has the fiber that would fulfill your power and efficiency target so you can bring to market the next generation of medical, Lidar or defense fiber lasers.

For easy integration, a full suite of passive fibers matching the active ones are also available.

If you want to push physics frontiers even further and have some original design in mind, iXblue Photonics can offer custom design services to adjust absorption level, core/clad sizes, number of cladding to your needs; even doped multicore or space compatible version are possible!

iXblue Photonics also masters the Fiber Bragg grating inscription and offers mirrors for fiber lasers cavity. A dedicated manufacturing process allows to reduce the thermal slope by a factor of three versus standard mirrors, allowing higher power limit for your laser cavity.

By inscribing FBG on thulium doped fibers, we propose low linewidth and low noise DFBs in the 2µ m area, perfect seeder for demanding applications as LIDAR.

On a system level, check our Lithium Niobate based modulators product line for intensity or phase modulation.

Want to know more? Please check latest scientific publications based on iXblue components or contact our experts.

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