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ModBox-FE Front-End Fibre Laser Source

10 Jun 2021

LASER COMPONENTS’ offers the ModBox-FE from iXblue which is a complete front end laser system designed to be used as a seed source in high energy density laser facilities.  The system is available at 1030nm, 1053nm and 1064nm and able to generate 125ps to 10ns, custom shaped optical pulses with high stability and high extinction ratio.

The short pulse generation is based on the combination of a high-performance continuous laser source combined with a large bandwidth modulation stage based on a high extinction ratio external LiNbO3 modulator.

An automatic bias control circuitry (MBC) guarantees the extinction ratio stability over time and the optical pulses are shaped by a high-resolution arbitrary waveform generator.  iXblue have been collaborating with famous laser facilities all over the world, allowing them to offer high performance, reliable and easy to use systems perfectly suited to the various applications related to high energy optical pulse generation.

The ModBox-FE can be used with the spectral broadening unit ModBox-SB to counter the SBS effects caused by the amplification of a narrow linewidth laser source.

Some improvements have been made on the specifications such as the jitter which is < 7ps RMS and < 7ps peak to peak. The power and energy performance are as follows:

  • 300pJ / 1ns with 60dB contrast optical pulses (w/o optical pulsed amplifier)
  • 10mJ and 100mJ / 1ns with 60dB contrast optical pulses

Additionally, we guarantee a high optical stability (flat optical output power and energy behaviour) with a variation < 1% RMS.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/reference-transmitters-modboxes/

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