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Product Announcement

Mimi Rotary Stage for the Fine Adjustment

02 Jun 2021

      The Mini Rotary Stage R40B-L is manufactured by MPositioning Co., Limited which provides all kinds of Positioning Solutions in both manual and motorized types.

      The Mini Manual Rotation Stage R40B-L combines easy-to-use manual rotation with high precision micrometer adjustment. While the rotary table dial is an unlocked state, smooth rotation can be measured with 1° graduation marks. When locked, the dial is adjusted by the precision micrometer head with ±5° fine rotation.

      The modular design allows to be set up in X-Rotation, XY-Rotation or XYZ-Rotation configurations by using our standard Manual Linear Stages (T40X-13L, T40X-13R, T40X-13C) or Vertical Stage (T40Z-10A). For more information, please email us.

      It is available for the purchasing on our Amazom.com Store for the item.
      Buy R40B-L from our Amazon Store

1. Specifications
- Model Number: R40B-L
- Rotation Range: 
360° Coarse Rotation, ±5° of Fine Adjustment
- Platform Size:
Ø38 mm in Diameter
- Actuator: 
Micrometer Head Drive System
- Position of Actuator:Left-Handed Configuration
- Material: Aluminum Alloy
- Finish: Black Anodized
- Center Load (Max.): 1.0 kg (Horizontal Position)
- Weight: 0.1 kg
- Resolution: 5’ 2° (Coarse Rotation), 0.2° (Fine Adjustment)

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- T40X-13L, X-Axis Linear Stage, 13 mm Travel, Left-Handed Config, 40 x 40 mm Platform
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- T40Z-10A, Z-Axis Vertical Stage, 10 mm Travel, 40 x 40 mm Platform , 2.0 kg of Loading
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