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High power laser diode, bar, stacked diodes, or VCSEL driver uniLDD.

12 May 2021

Product description - uniLDD is a DC input power converter designed to supply CW up to 100A current or pulsed (QCW) up to 360A for the single emitter, bar, stacked laser diode, or high power VCSEL in constant current mode. Using different software versions and minor hardware modifications, the uniLDD driver is adapted for different types of laser diodes and modes of operation. The driver is based on DSP technology.

At the factory done frequency response analysis based on custom customer’s requirements allows to achieve stable operation with any load and connection cables combination in both CW and QCW operation modes. Besides, this lets to shorten rise time in QCW mode if necessary. To fulfill all those features and deliver the driver with the best performance, we ask to fill in the questionnaire.

High-efficiency PWM-based converter with up to 4-phases output provides around 90% efficiency and gives very smooth, low noise, and high precision output to the laser diode. The performance results of the driver on the test bench are given in the charts here. The uniLDD driver is most effective if used for diode currents above 10A. Depending on the configuration, uniLDD driver control is done by analog, CAN, and RS232 interfaces.

The driver can be delivered in two possible design shapes. The first one is an internal fan-cooled set of screwed together set of boards. This is a general, most flexible design allowing easy customization and implementing most of the possible features. The second one, the conductive cooling driver is specifically adapted for CW operation and lets to save design space. No fan is required. Cooling is done by attaching the board to a massive enough heatsink or cold plate.

Optionally, uniLDD allows bidirectional control (active heating and cooling) of one or two TEC's with the same driver providing current up to 25 A and voltage up to 28 V.


  • Latest DSP based control technology
  • Design for high power applications
  • Max 100 A & 27 V in CW mode
  • Max 360 A & 80 V in QCW mode
  • Low current ripple
  • Low current drift
  • High precision and stability
  • Optional integrated TEC controller
  • Analog and digital control interfaces

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