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Product Announcement

Introducing BitFlow's Axion xB Family

29 Apr 2021

BitFlow has been shipping Camera Link frame grabbers since the specification was first released in 1999.  At the time nobody was sure that the CL specification was going to succeed.  In the many years since then, Camera Link has proved itself to be lower cost, high speed, robust and adaptable.  For true machine vision applications, it has become the market leading interconnect standard.  The Axion-CL is the most powerful Camera Link frame grabber BitFlow has ever manufactured.  A natural addition to this family was obvious.. a CL Base version.  The Axion xB series will be replacing the Neon series of CL frame grabbers.

The Axion xB also benefits from other products in BitFlow's line up.  The Axion xB uses the Cyton-CXP's backend: The StreamSync DMA engine and buffer manager.  A brand new PCIe Gen 2 interface, with DMA optimized for modern (fully loaded, fully busy) computers.

Moving from the Neon family to the Axion family is simple.  No need to make changes to your code, just recompile with the latest SDK.  If you are using a 3rd party application, such as Cognex VisionPro or LabVIEW just download the latest driver and your program will already be supported.  The same application can support both Axion and Neon families (as well as our CXP family line of frame grabbers).

The Axion-CL has been designed to work with all of the popular high speed Camera Link cameras.  The Axion xB series is compatible with all Base CL cameras.  The Axion 1xB is compatible with one CL Base camera.  Also available are the Axion 2xB, compatible with two CL Base cameras and the Axion 4xB which is compatible with 4 CL Base cameras.

Adding the Axion xB to your application is simple with our SDK, which supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.  Applications can be developed using C/C++/.NET and our sophisticated buffer management APIs.  In addition, free drivers can be downloaded from our website for most 3rd party machine vision packages.  The Axion xB is software compatible with all other current BitFlow frame grabbers.  This makes migrating applications to/from Camera Link, Analog, and CoaXPress simple and quick. 

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