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Product Announcement

The New Timing Generator for Laser Sync – TG10

21 Apr 2021

Made by experts in electronics and lasers!

The TG10 is a timing generator dedicated to the synchronization of laser systems and laser components: Pockels cell drivers, acousto-optical modulator drivers, laser diode and flash lamp drivers, detectors, data acquisition systems, laser pulse pickers, etc. The TG10 is designed to create up to 8 delayed output sequences precisely synchronized to the internal or external clock. A photodetector or electrical signal can be used as the input source to be synchronized with.


  • Ultra-stable internal clock 0.2 ppm
  • Precise delay control in range 2 ns to 150 ms
  • 25 ps timing resolution
  • HI-accuracy synchronization to the external pulse train
  • DAC output
  • Frequency divider
  • Frequency divider for photodetectors
  • Measurement of:
  • Optical clock frequency
  • Triggering frequency
  • Delay

The timing generator can be used as a standalone unit with a touch screen interface (TG10) or installed as an optional add-on PCB board (SY4000). The TG10 device has an LCD touch screen for the manual control and tunable knob for the adjustment of selected values set on the touch screen. Instructions of required actions are always displayed at the bottom of the screen. Besides, the timing generator has a digital control interface via CAN bus. Communication protocol with description for CAN is provided on request. CAN to USB converter is also available from EKSMA Optics.

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