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Product Announcement

Gratings for OCT – In-stock and Custom Designs

14 Apr 2021

Premium quality gratings for spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) are available with the click of a button at www.wasatchphotonics.com. We know that the clearest, deepest SD-OCT images require an optical design that covers the full bandwidth with maximum signal to noise. That’s why we developed our HD & Dickson grating designs to have high efficiency for all polarizations over the entire operating wavelength range, even at bandiwdths up to 100-200 nm.


  • Patented broadband high dispersion designs
  • Exceptional 1st order diffraction efficiency for greater sensitivity and faster scan rates
  • Superior uniformity over the full spectral band
  • Minimal polarization dependence
  • Low scatter & AR coating minimizes stray light
  • Robust, durable for easy cleaning & handling
  • Enables compact, transmissive optical designs

Achieve clearer images, faster by placing our VPH gratings at the heart of your OCT system. Offering higher efficiency, less stray light, and a more compact optical design, VPH gratings help reduce image-limiting noise and maximize roll-off. Choose from our range of stock gratings available for purchase online, or contact us to request a custom design.


As the premier supplier of OCT gratings, we offer more design technologies to customize our VPH gratings to the needs of your specific application and optical design. Our industry leading Cobra OCT spectrometers use these gratings, and can be provided as turnkey or custom solutions to speed your system design and time to market. From protoyping through to volume production, we can provide solutions optimized for your exact OCT imaging needs. Learn more about our OEM capabilities.

Contact us today to explore how the efficiency & spectral uniformity of Wasatch Photonics’ VPH gratings can allow you to achieve the fastest and clearest OCT images.

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