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Product Announcement

CEBS CW Erbium Broadband ASE Source

01 Apr 2021

Lumibird’s CW Erbium Broadband ASE Source (the CEBS series) is designed to deliver a broadband optical signal over the C-band with a flat spectrum response.  It can provide up to 13dBm/nm of optical power density.  The CEBS’ main applications are components characterisation, optical measurement systems or optical sensing.  Gain flattening filters are built into the CEBS to achieve the widest spectral operation with minimum power variation across the spectrum.  The ASE source is available in linear or random polarisation in a benchtop platform.  Control of source is possible via the front panel or remotely via serial USB and ethernet ports.  The high output power density, flattened output power spectrum and high spectral stability make it an ideal solution for R&D laboratory and manufacturing environments.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/high-power-fiber-lasers/ 

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