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Product Announcement

Hollow Beamsplitting Pentamirror

05 Jan 2021

LASER COMPONENTS’ partners PLX Inc announce the new hollow beamsplitting pentamirror (HBPM).  The HBPM extends the range of a pentamirror through multiple outputs at 90° from one another.  The HBPM’s invariance ensures that this 90° angle is preserved regardless of various unintended movements of the assembly.  The product introduces an array of new possibilities for alignment and optical setups, making it a powerful tool for surveying, laboratory experimentation and a variety of metrology applications.

The HBPM is a hollow assembly, meaning that it does not suffer from the wavelength limitations associated with solid pentaprisms.  The standard HBPM is designed to operate over the 400-700nm visible spectrum, with other custom wavelength intervals possible.  This versatility, along with its intrinsic accuracy, makes the HBPM ideal for setting up orthogonal optical axes for experiments and surveying.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/retroreflectors-for-high-power-applications/

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