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1550nm Laser

04 Jan 2021

The single frequency continuous fiber laser series uses different types of low noise single frequency narrow linewidth laser as seed source, MOPA enlarges all fiber structure, through the optimization of engineering parameters of amplification stage, current noise suppression, high gain fiber nonlinear effect suppression, high power and low noise laser output is realized, maintaining the beam quality of high spectral signal-to-noise ratio and near diffraction limit. This series of products are widely used in laser coherent communication, atmospheric environment test, laser sensor, coherent synthesis and other test systems, with the following technical advantages:
Low Rin value is helpful to improve the precision of laser sensing and coherent communication;
High output power helps to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of atmospheric environment test.


  CL1540~1550-30μJ-SPFL001 CL1540~1550-150μJ-SPFL002 CL1540~1550-300μJ-SPFL003
Central Wavelength (nm) 1540~1550 1540~1550 1540~1550
Output Power (uJ) >30 >150 >300
Power Stability <2% <2% <2%
Repeat Frequency 10kHz magnitude 10kHz magnitude 10kHz magnitude
Pulse Width Hundred ns magnitude Hundred ns magnitude Hundred ns magnitude
RIN Value (dB@1MHz) <-140 <-140 <-140
Beam Quality M2 <1.2 <1.2 <1.2
Output Spectral Line Width (KHz)  <20 <20 <20
Turn-Off Extinction Ratio (dB) >100 >100 >100
  CL1540~1550-30μJ-SPFL001 CL1540~1550-150μJ-SPFL002 CL1540~1550-300μJ-SPFL003
Output Method FC/APC FC/APC FC/APC
Control Interface DB9,RS422 DB9,RS422 DB9,RS422
Cooling Method Air cooling Air cooling Air cooling
Powered By 220VAC/50Hz 220VAC/50Hz 220VAC/50Hz
Output Power (W) 60 100 200
  CL1540~1550-30μJ-SPFL001 CL1540~1550-150μJ-SPFL002 CL1540~1550-300μJ-SPFL003
Operating Temperature -40-50 -40-50 -40-50
Storage Temperature -40-60 -40-60 -40-60
Humidity 0-80% 0-80% 0-80%
  CL1540~1550-30μJ-SPFL001 CL1540~1550-150μJ-SPFL002 CL1540~1550-300μJ-SPFL003
Laser Weight (Kg) 10 20 25
Laser Size Customized Customized Customized

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