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658nm Laser

04 Jan 2021

CRYLINK’s 658 nm laser includes 658 nm Optical fiber output accurate wavelength laser system of AWM series,658 nm Optical fiber output accurate wavelength laser module of AWO series. They are used in Flow cytometry,Confocal microscopy,Fluorescence excitation,Granularity measurement,Super-resolution microscopy, Laser particle size analyze, Raman spectrometer and other fields.

658nm Optical Fiber Output Accurate Wavelength Laser System of AWM Series

Our quasi wavelength fiber coupled output semiconductor laser system can provide a variety of wavelength options. Fiber coupled output has excellent power stability. Product structure is small, portable, with user-friendly operation interface, perfect refrigeration system, can meet the different needs of users. Our company can also provide customized services according to the requirements of users.

Optical Parameter

  CL658-SIF(FA)-30mW-AWM013 CL658-SIF(FP)-30mW-AWM014 CL658-SIF(S)-30mW-AWM015
Central Wavelength (nm) 658 658 658
Wavelength Tolerance (nm) ±5 ±5 ±5
Output Power (mW) 30 30 30
Line Width (nm) 0.5 0.5 0.5
Fiber Interface FC/APC FC/PC SMA905
Power Stability ±1.0%@8H ±1.0%@8H ±1.0%@8H

System Parameter

  CL658-SIF(FA)-30mW-AWM013 CL658-SIF(FP)-30mW-AWM014 CL658-SIF(S)-30mW-AWM015
Power Adjustment Range 0100% 0100% 0100%
Preheat Time (Min) 15 15 15
Modulation Input 1KHz TTL or Analog signal 0~5V
Control Interface USB, BNC USB, BNC USB, BNC
Power Input 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Storage Temperature () 055 055 055
Storage Humidity (RH) 0~80% 0~80% 0~80%
Operating Temperature () 10~35 10~35 10~35
System Weight (Kg) 2.2 2.2 2.2
System Size (mm) 150×102×200 150×102×200 150×102×200

658nm Optical Fiber Output Accurate Wavelength Laser module of AWO Series

The quasi wavelength semiconductor laser module introduced by our company has a variety of wavelengths to choose from, equipped with standard input / output interface, which can be easily embedded into the user’s whole system and achieve stable power output. This series of products adopt optical fiber coupling output mode, equipped with TEC refrigeration module, can provide customized and secondary development services according to customer requirements.

Model   CL658-SIF(FA)-60mW-AWO007 CL658-SIF(FP)-60mW-AWO008
Optical Parameter Central Wavelength (nm) 658 658
Wavelength Tolerance (nm) ±10 ±10
Output Power (mW) 60 60
Line Width (nm) <6 <6
Power Stability ±1.0%@8H ±1.0%@8H
System Parameter Power Adjustment Range 0100% 0100%
Preheat Time (Min) 15 15
Modulation Input PH2.0-10P PH2.0-10P
Fiber Interface FC/APC FC/PC
Power Input 4.9~5.1 4.9~5.1
Storage Humidity (RH) 0~80% 0~80%
Storage Temperature () 055 055
Operating Temperature () 10~35 10~35
System Weight (g) <130 <130
System Size (mm) 76.2×63.5×22 76.2×63.5×22

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