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Custom Micro lens D0.4mm micro Lens-spherical lens

14 Dec 2020

Custom Micro lens

D0.4mm micro Lens-spherical lens

Microlens is often used in optical fiber communication and beam spreading systems. Its main functions are fiber fiber fiber, semiconductor fiber, and fiber detector coupling

Independent microlenses can be used to couple light into optical fibers. Microlens arrays are usually used to enhance the ability of CCD arrays to collect light. They can also be used in digital projection systems to gather light to the imaging part of LCD. Microlenses can also be used in small camera equipment, such as copiers and mobile phones. Other applications include endoscope, 3D imaging and display

After fine processing and polishing, the micro lens can greatly reduce the scattering and wavefront errors, as well as the redundant diffraction effect, so it can meet the strict application requirements


  • Specifications: 
  • Material:BK7/Fused silica etc 
  • Minimum diameter: 0.4mm 
  • Diameter tolerance: + 0.0, - 0.1mm (standard), + 0.0, - 0.02mm (high precision) 
  • Focal length: + / - 2% 
  • Aperture: > 85% 
  • Surface accuracy: λ/ 4@632.8nm 
  • Finish: 40-20 s / D 10-5 (high precision) 
  • Chamfer: 0.25x45 degrees 
  • Coating: customized

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