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Fibre Lasers and Amplifiers for your Application

08 Oct 2020

LASER COMPONENTS supplies the highest quality fibre lasers and fibre amplifiers for a large variety of applications such as defence, environmental monitoring (remote and in situ sensing), and scientific research.  These devices from our partner Lumibird cover a wavelength range from 0.35µm to 2µm and are available either in continuous or pulsed regime.

We are proud to offer reliable and reproducible high-quality devices for small quantities and for large mass production.

Cold atom sensors have become state of-the-art for metrological applications and we have observed a growing demand for fibre lasers and fibre amplifiers, perhaps due to the heavy funding available for quantum technologies within the UK in that field.  These instruments are useful for both fundamental physics measurements and for applied metrology.

For this type of research, we provide a robust EDFA which can reach up to 43dBm of saturated output power with a greater reliability.  These can accept narrow linewidths with very low phase noise and RIN without distortion along the line, and that is vital for cold atoms for instance to focus on accurate atomic clocks.  These devices come with either a single mode fibre or polarisation maintaining fibre as an option.

Exceptional build quality benchtop platforms or modules are available depending on your requirement.

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