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Product Announcement

Range of Alignment and Visualisation Tools for Invisible Laser Radiation

06 Oct 2020

LASER COMPONENTS offers a comprehensive range of alignment and visualisation tools for invisible laser radiation, covering a wide variety of power levels and the entire spectral range from UV to IR.

Our inexpensive range of ‘credit-card’ style conversions screens are designed to be placed in the beam path of low to medium power lasers, allowing the user to see the laser spot as the phosphor is excited by the incident beam and emits visible light.  Versions of this product suitable for higher power applications are available and are mounted on a ceramic screen.

For alignment and visualisation of UV or IR light without the need to interrupt the beam path, we offer battery operated handheld UV and IR viewers, which convert invisible radiation into an image in the visible spectrum in real time.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/laser-accessories/spare-parts-and-accessories/

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