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Eliminate fluorescence background with the WP 248 Raman Spectrometer

01 Oct 2020

The trade-off between signal strength and fluorescence background often dominates the choice of the excitation wavelength for Raman spectroscopy. But from now on, fluorescence background can be easily eliminated, thanks to the new modular UV Raman spectrometer WP 248 designed by Wasatch Photonics, which makes UV Raman spectroscopy more available than ever.

The WP 248 is the first compact, modular, extremely sensitive UV Raman spectrometer that will enable all the advantages of UV Raman spectroscopy without the need for a complex, bulky and expensive benchtop setup. UV Raman spectroscopy removes the risk of fluorescence background to yield cleaner Raman signal and better signal to noise; it enables UV resonance Raman (UVRR), which is a highly selective & sensitive technique that can probe specific parts of biological macromolecules with greatly enhanced signal strength and less noise; it is an alternative option for highly fluorescent biological and not only samples that suffer from heat damage when excited with a 1064 nm laser source.  

With lens input for collimated FOV, a steep custom 248.6 nm long-pass filter, trigger option to synch with your pulsed laser source and its compact, simple, & robust design, the WP 248 allows performing UV Raman spectroscopy. As all the Wasatch Photonics spectrometers, WP248 gives you more sensitivity, better SNR, and faster measurements thanks to its f/2.0 input, the patented high transmission VPH gratings & diffraction-limited optics.  

With the standard option of an integrated lens designed to efficiently couple collimated light into the f/2.0 spectrometer input, it can also be configurated with a free-space input, which is user-exchangeable in the field. Available in the two versions, uncooled and TEC regulated to 10 degrees Celsius, it allows you to balance your desired signal to noise and temperature stability with power draw and cost for maximum value. 

The new WP 248 Raman spectrometer has made UV Raman spectroscopy accessible to a wide range of applications spanning materials analysis, trace detection, and studies of biological structure and dynamic. The addition of the UV Raman spectrometer to the range of Raman colours already offered, enrich the possibilities of this technique with fluorescence-free spectra also in the most challenging applications threatened by electronic transitions.

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