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Powerful and narrow-band 640 nm DPSS laser with power >500 mW and a TEM00 beam – Ideal for super resolution microscopy. The gem family offers multiple wavelengths (473, 532, 561, 640 nm).

10 Sep 2020

The gem 640 is the latest diode pumped solid state laser in Laser Quantums ‘gem’ product line. With more than 500 mW, gem 640 delivers a power range that was not previously accessible for diode lasers at this wavelength. Consistent with the remainder of the gem range, gem640 delivers excellent beam quality with M² of < 1.2, and TEM00. This high performance enables users to produce reliable, repeatable results, and thanks to a perfectly round beam profile, enables the laser light to be coupled into single-mode fibres with high coupling efficiency. The gem 640 complements the gem series with its intense red completing the availability of a suite of primary RGB lasers from one single source (640nm/532nm/473nm). In addition to these three primary wavelengths, the gem series is also available at 561nm, 660nm and 671nm each with a minimum of 750 mW. All gem lasers demonstrate excellent beam quality and are characterised by a market leading power stability of <1.0% RMS, specified over a period of 100 hours.

The gem-series of lasers are ideally suited to high resolution microscopy applications. Single molecule localization microscopy applications such as PALM and STORM techniques benefit particularly from the high output powers and specific excitation wavelength tuning. The gem family also features wall plug efficiency, meaning that power is never lost as heat – thereby negating the requirement for complex cooling systems. The low bandwidth of only 30 or 40 GHz and the optimised price-performance ratio makes the gem lasers a compelling solution for advanced Raman spectroscopy, particularly where high power is required.

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