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Optical Components for High Power UV Laser Applications

13 Sep 2020

Ultraviolet lasers are widely used in various fields, including medical, life science, scientific applications and semiconductor manufacturing. The growing interest in UV laser applications across many industries is also leading to new developments in UV optical components and coatings.

EKSMA Optics has expanded the list of standard laser components with new products designed specifically for high power UV laser applications. These components feature durable ion-beam sputtered coatings developed at EKSMA Optics coating facilities. IBS coatings enable to achieve longer lifetimes, higher damage thresholds and higher performance of UV laser systems.

  • High Power Laser Harmonic Separators
    • Designed for 343 nm picosecond and femtosecond applications
    • Reflection R>99.5% @ 343 nm, transmission T>98.0 % @ 515 nm and T>99.0% @ 1030 nm
    • High LIDT - >0.9 J/cm2 at 343 nm, 10 ps, 50 kHz, >0.4 J/cm2 at 343 nm, 200 fs, 100 Hz

EKSMA Optics ion-beam sputtered coating facility allows us to meet the most critical demands on laser optics. Our optical engineering team can design and develop highly customized optical components, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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